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Rich customer centric experiences in stores

Improving customer experience – Transforming POS systems

A modern Point-of-Sale (POS) solution is critical to deliver the enhanced digital experience customers expect in stores. A POS implementation should be able to introduce new features quickly and improve operational efficiency without increasing complexity and running costs. Retailers have many options to improve their existing POS systems. From an upgrade or replacement of the existing POS application to re-engineering and transformation of existing implementation.

SkillNet helps retailers transform their POS systems globally across all of these options. Our teams of expert consultants provide services from solution and customer journey design to implementation and managed support at scale. Based on our experience working with POS, SkillNet has also developed a set of IP-based tools – Modern Commerce Engine. These tools help retailers measure and optimize their POS solutions.

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Standards for a successful modernization – POS Systems Assessment

For a successful modernization program, retailers have to identify tactical and strategic ways to improve existing POS systems. We measure existing POS implementations against the following standards of successful modern commerce leaders.

Availability of Customer Journeys

  • Discover available journeys versus a catalog of best practice journeys
  • Friction points analysis (includes main omnichannel ordering flows) to identify interactions that can be digitally improved

Product fit

  • Compare the main POS application features vs the existing implementation of POS.
  • Identify existing customizations, gaps, simplification opportunities and alignment to the vendor roadmap


Mobile capability and setup in stores to serve staff and
customer mobile devices

Cloud enablement

Leverage cloud technologies in the POS solution and the
ongoing maintenance of services in stores


Review existing integrations for API-led design, service composition, enterprise data management and performance

DevOps Automation

Available automation across development and operations

Performance Insights

Existing monitoring and observability metrics

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