Why wait for a call that may

Why wait for a call that may never come, when you can work with us now?

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If you have been affected by such delays, reach out to us on our web site or connect with me directly on LinkedIn. We have openings that could be a great opportunity for you. Why wait indefinitely, when you can work on some of the best projects right away?

Why consider SkillNet?

There have been many recessions since we began operations, but we’ve never laid off people because of an economic downturn. Neither have we delayed onboarding nor have we retracted any offer we’ve made. It all boils down to how we hire. Let me highlight three differences:

  1. We hire for a group, never for a specific project.
  2. The tech panel doesn’t know if you are coming for their project or for some other engagement although we are very clear about the expectations. This reduces the short-term bias that can lead to wrong hiring decisions.
  3. During the HR round, we emphasize how we hire for the long-term.   

We adore longevity. Once on-board, our employees stay with us for more than five years on average. In fact the average tenure of our consultant is 10 years. So, chances are, you will stay with us for a long time. Why? I can think of several reasons, but here are a few:

  1. We are 100% focused on Retail unlike Tier-1 companies. This focus helps our people to become experts faster. As an employee, you get to work with experts and become one soon.
  2. In Retail, technology changes every three to five years and retailers have to change to stay competitive. So, you are a part of a team which gets to work on the latest technologies.
  3. Even before the pandemic, our employees could work from home. In fact, many of our hires are from places where we don’t have offices. You too can work from home
  4. We work with clients all round the world. You get an opportunity to work with different cultures.      

We offer job security, more opportunities to work on the latest technologies, work from home options, and a promise we never ask you to delay your joining or retract our offer.

Open positions

We are regularly hiring great talent. Please check our careers section for openings. We currently have openings for:

We offer special incentives for immediate joiners. To apply, please visit https://dev.skillnetinc.com/careers/. We are always looking for talent, even if you do not a find relevant position or listing, please submit your resume.


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