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Is your website operating at its peak performance, or are […]

Is your website operating at its peak performance, or are there hidden barriers holding back your revenue streams? Find out with our comprehensive website assessment scorecard. We’ve identified ten key dimensions that could impact your website’s performance and revenue generation.

Website Assessment Scorecard

SkillNet employs a methodical approach, meticulously evaluating the key dimensions to provide you with a holistic understanding of your website’s current state.

  1. User Interface Design: First impressions matter. Discover if your website’s design is captivating and user-friendly, ensuring seamless navigation and engagement for your visitors.
  2. Site Performance: Speed matters in today’s fast-paced digital world. Learn if your website is optimized for lightning-fast loading times to keep visitors engaged and satisfied.
  3. Content & Search: Content is king, but is your website’s content effectively driving traffic and conversions? Our assessment evaluates the quality and relevance of your content alongside search engine optimization strategies.
  4. Mobile Experience: Over 50% of B2C purchases and up to 30% of B2B purchases are made on mobile. As this trend continues to rise, providing a flawless experience across all devices is essential. Find out how well your website is optimized for mobile to effectively reach, engage, and convert your audience wherever they are.
  5. Personalization Features: Tailoring the user experience can significantly enhance engagement and conversions. Discover if your website incorporates personalization features to cater to individual preferences and behaviors.
  6. Compliance, Accessibility, Globalization, and Localization: Ensure your website meets industry standards and regulations while also being accessible to a global audience. Our assessment evaluates compliance, accessibility, and localization efforts to reach diverse markets effectively.
  7. Site Conversion Rate Optimization: Turn visitors into customers with effective conversion rate optimization strategies. Learn if your website is optimized to drive conversions and maximize your revenue potential.
  8. Data Completeness and Timeliness: Data is the key to informed decision-making. Find out if your website collects and utilizes data effectively, ensuring completeness and timeliness for actionable insights.
  9. Completeness Presence (Marketing, SEO, SEM, Social): Stand out in the crowded digital landscape with a strong online presence. Our assessment evaluates your marketing efforts across various channels, including SEO, SEM, and social media, to drive traffic and engagement.
  10. Competitive Benchmark: Gain insights into how your website stacks up against the competition. Understand your strengths and weaknesses compared to industry benchmarks, empowering you to stay ahead in your market.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your website? Sign up for our free assessment scorecard today and take the first step towards optimizing your online presence and boosting your revenue. With SkillNet, you’ll gain valuable insights and actionable recommendations to propel your website to new heights of success.

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SkillNet Solutions provides consulting and technology services to companies that want to digitally transform their businesses. We can help optimize your traditional (monolithic) legacy platforms, or implementmigrate to modern headless or composable commerce solutions to enable the flexibility and agility required to rapidly respond to sudden shifts in consumer behavior and meet your customers wherever they are.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, SkillNet partners with industry leaders like SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris)commercetoolsSalesforce Commerce CloudSprykerVTEXContentstackOracle, Cloudinary, Mirakl, and AWS to enhance online and in-store experiences. Since 1996, we have partnered with enterprise clients across 63 countries to drive exceptional customer experiences and growth. Our award-winning solutions have enabled global brands to deliver the promise of modern commerce.


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