Beauty and fashion retailer partners with SkillNet to improve store experiences

SkillNet designs a store solution to enhance in store customer […]


SkillNet designs a store solution to enhance in store customer experiences and maximize benefits of Oracle Retail Xstore Suite

The client is a European, family-owned beauty and fashion retail brand that empowers people to reinforce their self-esteem and find their own expression. Their focus is on providing rich ‘Customer Experience’ for shoppers in stores and online. They chose SkillNet Solutions, Makers of Modern Commerce and global leader in digital transformation, to support their modernization program and replace their store systems.

In order to provide enhanced digital experience to shoppers, the legacy software from the late 1990s was replaced with Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service. To ensure real time sales updates and seamless back-end transactions, the retail systems were integrated with back-end ERP systems.

The pilot program was so successful that the roll-out was accelerated across the business. SkillNet’s Store solution which included customer facing screens and mobile solutions transformed shoppers in store experiences. The majority of the stores across the brand have now been migrated to the new Oracle Retail Xstore POS. The solution which maximized the inherent capabilities of the Xstore helped increase customer engagements in the store. This has led to increased conversions in store transactions.

Based on the success of the modernization program, the client is planning to expand and migrate to Oracle Retail Xstore Suite across countries (including Italy, France & others in Europe and Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore & others in Asia). There are also plans to extend the program across brands.

SkillNet has also been awarded the support contract for this POS modernization program.

About SkillNet

SkillNet is an Oracle Retail Solutions implementation and integration partner. Our Store Solutions team has supported over hundred customers in their on-premise to cloud journeys. Apart from Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service expertise, Skillnet also supports other products in Oracle Retail Suite such as Merchandising operations Management, Planning & Optimization and Supply Chain Management.

Contact us for more details or if you would like to discuss how we can help you optimize your retail systems to increase conversions in stores!


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