Secrets to Successful SAP Commerce Cloud Migration Webinar

Are you planning to move your business to the cloud? […]


Are you planning to move your business to the cloud? How are you weighing the tough business decisions that lay ahead? Is your B2B/B2C eCommerce platform on-premise? What is your strategy to move into a cloud environment?

Watch SkillNet’s webinar in partnership with SAP Commerce Cloud to find the answers to these questions along with issues, benefits, steps, ideas for a process to migrate into SAP Commerce Cloud. You would also get Business and Technical insight into the process during the webinar.

In this webinar – Secrets to Successful SAP Commerce Cloud Migration – you will get to know the best practices of migrating SAP on-premise solution to SAP Commerce Cloud, key prerequisites for the migration project, and a small demonstration of the SAP commerce cloud environment.

We discussed:

  • Why migrate to the cloud? Challenges of migration
  • SAP Commerce Cloud  benefits
  • SkillNet’s approach for a successful migration, Steps, Recommendations, Checklist
  • SAP Commerce Cloud Demo and possibilities that open up with the platform
  • SkillNet Offer for free migration assessment


Pragnesh Ray

Director – eCommerce Practice at Skillnet Solutions Inc.

Patrick Sampson

Director Solution Strategy at SAP hybris

Watch full webinar : Here


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