SkillNet launches RetMon – a solution for monitoring Retail infrastructure

SkillNet announces launch of RetMon, a unique solution that helps retailers […]


SkillNet announces launch of RetMon, a unique solution that helps retailers monitor the overall health of their infrastructure.

Brick and mortar retailers need to make costly technology investments to ensure their stores run smoothly and customers are offered a consistent, reliable experience. Retail infrastructure includes point of service systems, inventory management and loyalty applications, cash registers, displays, printers, scanners, pin-pads and dozens of other software and hardware assets spread across multiple stores and corporate locations. For stores to operate smoothly, it becomes critical that these assets are updated, connected and kept in sync with each other all the time.

RetMon makes it easy to monitor this heterogeneous distributed retail infrastructure. It hooks up to every retail asset, monitors it continuously and makes it visible remotely. The health of entire infrastructure can be viewed on a single consolidated dashboard, which is accessible on web or mobile. RetMon continuously looks for current or upcoming issues and sends alerts when it senses them. It is highly configurable, and can fit a variety of retail environments. RetMon takes out the burden in managing the infrastructure efficiently, so that retailers can focus on business and customers.

SkillNet Retmon comes pre-integrated with Oracle Retail store application suite, so existing Oracle customers can benefit immediately.

Learn more about RetMon here.


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