Real engagement is the new normal

From curbside pick up to upgraded mobile applications, Retailers have […]


Create seamless omnichannel experiences!

From curbside pick up to upgraded mobile applications, Retailers have been forced to innovate throughout 2020 to adapt to the New Normal.

However, when seeking capital funds, retailers often have to justify which of these technologies will continue to attract, and more importantly engage, their customers and gain trust.  As Makers of Modern Commerce, SkillNet will explore the following topics in this webinar:

  • Where are we on the path to the New Normal?
  • How are retailers responding?
  • What is the criteria to justify these changes?

The webinar will help you to:

  • Understand the New Normal for Modern Commerce Consumers
  • Analyze the Changes in Consumer Spending
  • Learn How to Prepare to Win in New Normal
  • Improve Customer Engagement and Relationships
  • Utilize Mobile Apps for Boosting Customer Engagement
  • Learn a Framework to Make Decisions and Amplify ROI


Gary Konitzer |
IT Director, Business Systems & Application Development, Fleet Farm
Sachin Shah |
Senior Director, SkillNet Solutions Inc.
Scott Steever |
Fashion Institute of Technology, Adjunct Professor
Ajitesh Nanda
Principal Enterprise Architect, Fleet Farm

At SkillNet, we believe in delivering the promise of modern commerce. The focus of the “Makers of Modern Commerce” Webinar Series is to give you a fresh perspective on the rapidly changing dynamics in retail.

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