Enabling seamless omnichannel experiences for pharmacies of leading healthcare giant



Innovative microservices-based solution ensures smooth member experience across pharmacies.

About the client

The client is one of the largest nonprofit healthcare companies in the United States. It operates 39 hospitals and more than 700 medical offices, with over 300,000 personnel, including more than 87,000 physicians and nurses. The company provides care to over 12 million members across eight regions.


The healthcare company was in search of a reliable, long-term strategic partner to assist in the modernization of their legacy point-of-sale (POS) solution in pharmacies across North America. They were looking to implement Oracle Xstore Retail Suite. They were looking for a partner who had the ability to integrate with the existing pharmacy systems while providing thought leadership during solution design.

Additionally, the client was also looking for ongoing managed services support. By partnering with an experienced and knowledgeable service provider, the client wanted to streamline their pharmacy operations, ensure smooth and efficient transition of their POS systems, and ultimately enhance pharmacy experience for its members.

Solution | Micro services-based custom solution for digital transformation across Pharmacies

SkillNet was chosen as the preferred partner to design the POS modernization solution, which included the implementation of the Xstore Retail Suite. To ensure successful implementation, SkillNet followed an Agile-based methodology for the program.

To facilitate the transformation of pharmacy-related workflows and integrations in a new microservices-based service layer, SkillNet designed Oracle Xstore extensions. This approach helped to streamline the implementation process while reducing costs and minimizing disruptions to the system.

Furthermore, SkillNet utilized its “StoreHub” platform accelerator to seamlessly integrate the new service layer with existing pharmacy systems and to reuse existing integrations. This approach not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the system, but also reduced the overall implementation time and cost.

Benefits | Increased customer engagement & smooth omnichannel experiences in pharmacies

The new solution helps improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the pharmacy systems. Firstly, it provides the necessary foundation to support new member journeys, such as mobile checkout. This helps enhance the user experience and ensure that the system remains relevant and up-to-date with changing trends and user preferences.

Secondly, the solution offers the potential for cost savings through automation. By automating deployment and testing processes, operating costs can be significantly reduced, while also improving the speed and accuracy of the system.

Thirdly, since the systems are cloud-ready, it allows for easy deployment and scalability of cloud services. This helps improve flexibility and adaptability, while also reducing the need for additional infrastructure investment.

Finally, since the infrastructure has been built on the latest architecture, it helps reduce infrastructure costs while also improving system performance and reliability.

SkillNet’s approach and expertise in implementing Oracle Xstore POS solution helped maximize the benefits of the POS system.

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