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Oracle Merchandising refers to a suite of applications within Oracle Retail that helps retailers manage their product assortments, pricing, inventory, and supplier relationships. It aims to optimize the merchandising lifecycle from planning and buying to allocation and replenishment


Types of Oracle Merchandising Solutions:

Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS):
A comprehensive solution for managing the core merchandising processes.

Example: Tools for purchasing, pricing, and inventory management.

Oracle Retail Price Management (RPM):
A solution for managing and optimizing pricing strategies.

Example: Setting and adjusting prices based on market conditions and business goals.

Oracle Retail Allocation:
Tools for distributing merchandise to stores based on demand forecasts.

Example: Allocating stock to stores to meet local customer demand.

Oracle Retail Invoice Matching:
A solution for automating the matching of invoices to purchase orders and receipts.

Example: Reducing manual invoice processing and improving accuracy.


Benefits of Oracle Merchandising:

Improved Inventory Management:
Optimizes inventory levels to reduce costs and improve availability.

Example: Using demand forecasts to manage stock levels efficiently.

Enhanced Pricing Strategies:
Enables dynamic and competitive pricing to maximize profitability.

Example: Adjusting prices in response to market trends and competitor actions.

Streamlined Operations:
Automates and integrates key merchandising processes.

Example: Reducing manual tasks and improving accuracy in purchasing and inventory management.

Better Supplier Relationships:
Improves collaboration and communication with suppliers.

Example: Efficiently managing purchase orders and tracking supplier performance.

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